Your parents gave you many rules to follow, like stay away from strangers
Break One Now


  • flashsky It really works when you upgrade or new installs . Save our time from compiling php source code. Thank you very much. – Feb 13, 9:13 AM
  • Greg Meyer I got something similar when selling my car on CL. A guy with terrible grammar wanted to buy my junky car and have it shipped.... – Feb 12, 10:54 AM
  • Michael Gracie Welcome. What does php info say? – Feb 10, 7:51 AM
  • maks Hi, thatks for tutorial. After this steps I run `php -i | grep mcrypt` and I see that it's installed. But when i `cd` to... – Feb 10, 2:03 AM
  • Vasko Thank you very much and it worked as stated on every step cheers!! – Feb 08, 2:42 AM
  • kiko Thx!! – Feb 06, 10:04 PM

Risk Taking Discouraged For Once

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When you share not a single genome with the rest of the species
The Sequence