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  • Setting up PHP & MySQL on OS X 10.7 Lion | KennStuff { […] This is useful! Follow the installation details by Michale Gracie here: […] }
  • chris It's probably more fun to cook up the combustible mix at home as you describe above and from the quantity of ingredients pictured, you may... – Sep 05, 5:59 AM
  • onefly I might also mention that this solution will rejuvenate the waterproof capabilities of some gear items. Most noticeably, those of leather and canvas (Got any... – Aug 23, 10:04 PM
  • Michael Gracie Offer accepted. Like the fact that you have a ratio of wax-to-gas all worked out. Obviously, this deal isn't anything new, but the procedure was... – Aug 23, 11:51 AM
  • onefly I make this floatant formula for myself occasionally. I am also a pharmacist and I would like to offer a couple of simple modifications (that... – Aug 23, 12:30 AM
  • Michael Gracie Have you paid your property insurance premium this month? ;-) Aug 21, 3:24 PM

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