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  • Todd Decker For an extra dollar, use stainless steel screws. I actually learned this trick 30-years ago in Vermont. Just to get around their iced up driveways... – Jul 23, 8:34 AM
  • Michael Gracie Kinda pointy and sharp too. Says my digits. – Jul 15, 1:07 PM
  • Alex Dem teef! – Jul 13, 1:58 PM
  • Michael Gracie MG's Flip-A-Coin Cafe, Denver, CO. So it's still kinda gambling. – Jul 06, 10:50 AM
  • Eric English Cats Paw, Bozeman, MT? – Jul 05, 6:10 PM
  • Michael Gracie Don't know the rod, but if you are already over-lining and feel that is right, you should definitely repeat with the Trout LT. It is... – Jun 25, 8:05 AM

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