Go west young man, go west

Flies are named after it, but dreams are made of it – we’re talking the West Side of South Andros Island. Consider yourself lucky if you get over there – it’s accessible only on the right tide with the perfect wind conditions, but the cash out is big. You won’t see another boat all day, a fact that equates to fish that get precisely zero pressure. You figured bonefish were hungry critters, but these West Side jokers take the cake.

The weather was pristine – light winds and generally blue bird skies. We prowled for singles/doubles for the first couple of hours, then ran out to some large schools around Isle of Nowhere (which can be found virtually anywhere near Andros). Kyle “Let’s Cook ‘Em And Eat ‘Em” Perkins managed the first bonefish of his life, a point made ever more extraordinary by the fact that he’s never caught a fish out of salt water before. Or even tried.


Now all we need to do is teach him how to handle those fish out of water.

MG signing off (to hit the shutter button a millisecond too late, again)


  1. Smithhammer says

    There are few better places on the planet than the West side. When I need to take my mind somewhere else because I’m sitting in traffic or getting a prostate exam, that’s where I imagine I am.

    And that is a truly great pic. Have one for me, MG.

    • says

      We got into the west again today, and once again it was dreamy (at least until the wind started howling, and which point it became just great).

      I’ll have a dozen for you. And then another.


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