To catch the fish, you must first attract the fish

The best part of planning a fishing trip is..

A) Knowing you are getting some time off work
B) Figuring out which bag to put your toothbrush in
C) Buying new gear

If you chose “C” you are obviously a seasoned traveling angler, having orchestrated numerous epic adventures, and likely caught trophy after trophy wherever the compass led you. Or, you could just be a renowned online fly-fishing journalist loudmouthed internet poseur/hack, like yours truly.

With a trip of my own just days away, I was found wanting. The Scott ARC 1196/4 I acquired a few months back via an exponentially complex barter transaction involving used office furniture, the United Nations Security Council, and the Smoking Man from The X-Files, was without a reel.

I thought about calling the G7 together for advice, but then I sobered up and rang Abel Reels instead. They did not disappoint.

Abel Switch Reel - Skull and Crossbones

A bonafide wolverine trapper recently “reminded” me that looks are all that matters. I presumed this meant they dressed up like a cute little bunny rabbit before heading to work, so I only partially bit. But, given that even a portion of that wisdom comes to pass, this rig’s appearance means the otherwise slim odds now distinctly favor running into chrome.

Or at least that’s my half-baked reasoning for taking option C.

MG signing off (because if you are going to freeze your butt off in BC, you might as well look good doing it)



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