Michael GracieThis site is the domain of one Michael Gracie.

The Proprietor


{note to self: for originality, insert something impressive here that isn’t stretching the truth}

Meanwhile, the unimportant but still factually correct stuff … previously:

  • Manager in Arthur Andersen’s Bankruptcy and Reorganization Group
  • COO of Tango Communications – company sold
  • Co-Founder and COO/CTO of Registry Services International – company sold
  • CFO of Rivenet.com – I left early, but it flopped anyway
  • Co-founder of TotJot.com – company folded within a year
  • Co-founder of Privacy Technologies, Inc – assets sold

I’ve also done strategic, financial and technology consulting for dozens of businesses. Meanwhile, I’ve become a perpetual novice at catching fish with fly rods, and a decent (but now retired) skier/snowboarder. Formal education came via University of Florida, I’m a certified public accountant, and previously held six securities/commodities licenses (Series 3, 7, 24, 27, 30 & 66) as well as multiple state insurance licenses. My golf handicap is in the triple digits, but I’m fine entertainment on the course.


I consult in the arenas of financial and operation restructuring, small/middle market strategic and business continuity planning, and information technology integration. Services include creating the finest GAAP-compliant financial models imaginable, providing hands-on assistance with acquisitions and divestitures (including liquidations), advising on company structure for long-term survival, and providing purposeful expertise (and elbow grease) on content, customer relationship, and supply chain management systems, e-commerce platforms, and data crunching exercises – in other words, I construct models and systems that make money, for people that like money. Finally, I offer litigation support (i.e. mundane, geeky analysis) for trust, bankruptcy and fraud cases. But if you are opposing counsel, please don’t throw a coffee cup at me when I’m right, which I am more often than not. Yes, that happened.

While we’re dabbling: I occasionally conjure written content, primarily for the information technology and outdoor activity realms. I’ve been published in Military Information Technology, Angling Trade, Fly Rod & Reel, and Pulp Fly, the last of which I also edited and produced.

The Site


I doubt this method is patentable (heh), but I wanted to outline where the posts came from:

  • Notes – Links of interest, with limited commentary.
  • Office – From the desk … usually boring, but occasionally helpful.
  • Outdoors – Mostly fly fishing and golf, which means mostly lying and cheating.
  • Spamroll – Almost everything from the now defunct internet security blog Spamroll.com.
  • Thoughtmarket – Almost everything from my old personal blog at Thoughtmarket.com.

Reading Lists

The reading lists (or blogrolls, if you will) aren’t very long, probably because I actually read most everything on the list, every day. Any more would be too much, and sources will come and go over time. The lists are divided between the business, finance and technology subjects (the “necessary evils”) and the truly important stuff (the outdoors blogs).

Keep scrolling down.