Proof Positive Spam Is Slowing

ComputerWorld just reported on the latest ultra-statistically significant study to come out of the fight on spam. In Symantec: Spam growth slowing at last – Computerworld, Brightmail, a subsidiary of Symantec, noted that in December, they received the same amount of spam they did in November (67% of total messages), and that they have seen only minor increases in the previous couple of months.

Meanwhile, MessageLabs data was entirely different. They state that the spam component of total email was 94% prior to the months in question, and that spam has actually fallen. Of course, MessageLabs runs a whole bunch of in-house Windows 2000 and NT4, so the fact that their numbers are so much higher comes as no surprise.

My conclusions:

1) Spammers took the month of December off just like everyone else;

2) Spammers have decided to pursue stealthly phishing techniques, because it pays better, and doesn’t mention the word Viagra; and

3) Nobody really knows what the heck is going on, but they are selling a lot of anti-spam software, so who cares.

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