Another opinion on the Verizon/MCI merger

Karen Schwartz of eWeek was kind enough to set my confusion over the Verizon/MCI deal straight (see Verizon Makes Good Move with MCI Purchase).

I did not know that MCI was so strong in the government contracts arena, but that makes total sense. One, they have a big presence in DC, which means they get plenty of cocktail time with the politicos. Two, they are most well known for massive fraud and executives enriching themselves with shareholders’ money, which understandably makes politicians eager to join forces with them.


The eWeek article did point out that MCI’s billing system is garbage, while Verizon’s is superb. So I guess I am on target with the notion that the combined customer base will see some upfront pain as end-user support is integrated. And big customers will likely see no pain, and great gain, much as I previously suggested.

Unlike Karen, I have no crystal ball, so I will not make any predictions on which/what merger will happen next.

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