Apple and Sony, sittin’ in a tree…

This article was sent to me by a friend this morning…AppleInsider | Merrill Lynch speculates on potential Sony-Apple partnership.

I think that by the time Apple and Sony agree on a partnership utilizing H.264, some hack (I love hacks), will have already cooked up something much better. The DRM will piss everyone off, and they will continue to buy CDs and DVDs, despite what “the analysts” and RIAA/MPAA think.

I want to own, not rent, my media, unless the price is extremely competitive. And right now, the price just isn’t. A buck a tune that I can’t play anywhere I like, or five bucks for a movie that is stuck on a box that costs $5K is not going to please me. My entire TV/DVD combination cost $250, and I play my legal, store bought, CD quality tunes whenever, and wherever, I like.

Sorry folks. Give me something better. Meanwhile, I am rooting for the little guy to come up with that “something better.”

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