Leftists getting maraudered by….leftists!

It seems there is no end to the right wing conspiracy. The powers that be are so sharp that they have not only taken control of all branches of government, but they are abound in a relentless throttling of their enemy. That enemy is none other than the “left wing media.” These folks are refined strategist who are now turning the “anti-Americanists” on themselves (or at least that is how some will interpret this recent article in The Washington Post entitled In the Blogosphere, Lightning Strikes Thrice).

It seems that in the new age of instanteous commentary, journalists who are otherwise the target of right wing extremists hell bent on convincing the American public that all news media is left leaning, are getting pounded like there is no tomorrow, by the very folks that should supposedly be favoring their action – bloggers.

This is undoubtedly the work of Karl Rove, as no other person would have the prescience to equip every computer literate left wing, commie, pinko, wimpy boy with a keyboard, a server, and a fresh install of B2, so they could thwart the virus that plagues our fair nation – the hard working journalist.

Will this machine ever end? Are they not satified stripping every taxpayer of freewill? Isn’t ridding the world of 15 year old indie music downloaders enough? No I say.

In a move which will go down in the annuls of history as a tactic that would make Sun Tsu proud, these folks have enlisted teams of amateur scribes numbering in the thousands (and soon to be millions), to discredit every printed word against them. They show no regard for the corporate organization that publishes it (even if said organization is a major campaign contributor).

Divide thy enemy, and thou shall be saved.

I wonder what Rush “I just joined Promise Keepers” Limbaugh and Ann “I love my free subscription to Lexis Nexis” Coulter would have to say about this. Surely they would cheer that the left is finally seeing the light, and that they are turning on themselves, out of desperation.

In a dynamic reminicient of Google poo-pooing all over the Wall Street powers-that-be, bloggers are up-ending the status quo.

Newspaper circulation statistics are fraudulent, magazines are more frequently being offered in PDF form, and even Super Bowl ratings are down. Traditional mass media is not only becoming irrelevant, but it is getting discredited, on a daily basis, by a bunch of script kiddies armed with few thousand terabytes of heavily monied search engine results.

Those search results providers aren’t going shopping for political clout anytime soon – they don’t need to. And the new world shock jockeys of the blog-a-thon can’t afford it, which means their opinions will not be sculpted by their makers anytime soon either.

I just hope my subscription to Lexis Nexis ends before Ann’s does.

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