More on the Blogging Assault

Mark Cuban has a follow-up on bloggers pounding traditional media. In Political Bloggers – the new paparazzi, Mark presents the case for mass media outlets to stay on alert over this new force in reporting.

Mr. Cuban suggests that traditional media outlets are going to see continued and accelerating activity from the blogging community, and that more prime-time reporters’ heads may roll as a result. I couldn’t agree more.

Mark also suggested that the powers that be could head off this onslaught by showing some respect for the blogging community, and maybe even invite them in for a little tea and crumpets. I couldn’t agree more, again.

But it just won’t happen. There is too much money (and arrogance) at play here. I suspect the bloodbath will continue.

Meanwhile, when is my streamed, holographic, scent dispersing, “jump-into-the-set” programming going to start, Mark?

You can read my original, comic post here.

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