SMS Could Die Without A Real Try

SMS just won’t make it in America, if things proceed on their present course. The reason being, we are just to trusting to newfangled service providers. That should be a good thing, but those same service providers are often the ones using every means possible to get your business, even if it means spamming your phone and IM address.

Case in point…

It seems that during the signup process for an otherwise nifty service, these folks down in San Diego snatch your email, your mobile phone number, your IM address and its buddy lists, and who knows what else. A number of folks have found their contacts getting pummeled by invitations to join the service, even if they never finished the signup process.

To make matters worse (in what will end up worse for the company), they have happened on a couple of cyberspace blog-jockeys with deep pockets, big connections, and plenty of time to spare on bashing.

Some very popular folks in cyberspace have had problems with these guys, including Russell Beattie (read Russell Beattie Notebook – is a scam), and Joi Ito (see Joi Ito’s Web: Apologies for spamming friends with Topping it off, the company has even threated to sue Joi, which did nothing more than make for added bad publicity (dirty details here).

If the strategy here is negative publicity, is sure doing a good job of it.

Now the bull is well on his way to smashing the china closet, as complaints of fraudulent billing, misrepresentation, and other nastiness are now coming out of the woodwork. It seems is not what it seems, and neither are their proprietors. For more, check out the following blurbs:

from the Rip Off Report or U n l e a d e d O n l i n e . n e t.

There is no shortage of international backlash either. See Whirlpool Forums – Stay away from “”” for starters.

Many thanks to Eric Smith of for leading us to this (see spamblogging: Making friends and influencing people: and Joi Ito).,

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