Spam is annoying, and…

the most recent study on spam and worker productivity is downright silly.

I was hoping that Spamroll could be THE source for skeptical, disagreeable, and sometimes outrageous laughter directed at the establishment, each and every they come out with a “study” that makes no sense whatsoever. I was the underdog, mostly because my site isn’t up yet, but Paul McNamara of Network World beat me to it anyway.

In Yes, spamming is annoying, but…, Paul punches enough holes in Stanford University’s latest and greatest to drive a small moving van through.

Unless the “typical” email user is running Outlook 98, and downloading email from a Sendmail version 2 server (circa 1988, give or take a few years), I too, highly doubt anyone is receiving, and subsequently deleting anywhere near enough spam to take up 10 working days over the course of a year.

Now, the study’s “typical” user could have been a presently unemployed knitting teacher, who divides their day between soap-operas and filling out webforms for free iPods, but I bet even that person doesn’t recieve that much spam.

Again, Paul beat me to it, so I can’t steal his glory. Read his article, and judge for yourself.

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