Threats peaked? Whatever!

Larry Seltzer of eWeek has an interesting op-ed entitled More Evidence Spam Has Peaked. Interesting, I say, as late in the article Larry points out a big reason why it might not have actually peaked (and why it may never go away).

Late, he notes that Postini, MessageLabs, Symantec, and others like them “don’t really have an interest in spam going away, because their sales are proportional to the level of threat. Ah ha.

Now we get to the root of the issue. These firms don’t have a vested interested in ridding the natural world of computer threats, whether they be spam, viruses, phishing, zombies, whatever. As long as the threats exist, these firms make a bundle convincing us they are saving us from them.

I personally rely on some of their wares, but only when running Windows, and then only as an “additional” countermeasure. I have a huge (and growing) block in my server’s Sendmail reject list, and make sure MailScanner is always running. According to industry reports, MailScanner has more users than AOL and Hotmail combined. The SpamAssassin component rarely fails me.

Funny thing is, this front end protection mechanism is open source, and is provided as part of the Linux distro this site runs on. THESE wares don’t cost anything extra, and they are distributed via the open source community. OS to the rescue once again.

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