Virtual still winner in eBay “land grab”

Techdirt is saying eBay Drop Off Stores Not Doing So Well. I frankly thought this would be a big winner.

eBay’ing takes a lot of time. I know, as I am addicted to selling my old stuff on it. It is nice to get the cash to spend on new stuff, or in my case, stuff in the mattress first, then blow it on dog treats second (well that is really not blowing it).

You would think that the “busy set” would love to toss their garage contents to one of these strip malled shops, as they don’t have the time to list, watch, and fullfill on their auction obligations. Or maybe they just hoard their things for the afterlife.

Nonetheless, I believe there is still a business model here. The Techdirt report says that Circuit City and others have tried using the eBay model too, with little success. Offering to take trades, and lowering retail prices in return, seems like a fair deal for the consumer and the bricks and mortar players. The big box retailers then partner with these eBay storefronts to hock the traded in goods. The storefronts lower commissions in return for a guaranteed flow of product. I can’t figure out whether this is what AuctionDrop was or is now trying, but makes some sense to me.

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