A Gem in Entourage

I was putting together a piece on Microsoft Entourage for Mac, but Al Fasoldt of The Post-Standard beat me to it (see Entourage is superb in keeping out spam).

I can’t help but agree with Al’s points on Entourage. I use it (exclusively), and even at “low protection” settings, I now find myself simply dumping everything that winds up in the junk mail folder (it hasn’t produced a false positive yet). And, it doesn’t miss much – in my estimation, less than the 10% or so noted in the article.

Thanks again, Al.

PS: If you are looking for Entourage, it is part of the Microsoft Office 2004 Suite for Macintosh. As long as you are a personal user, the best way to get Entourage is through the Student/Teacher Edition, which you can find here: Microsoft Office Standard Student and Teacher Edition 2004 Macintosh. It is a fully functional version, but only allows three install licenses, and is not upgradable. But who cares – it is a great deal.

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