Among other things, Symantec says phishing up +300%

There has been a lot of chatter about the latest reports from Symantec about security issues. Some say it is valid, and folks should be on guard, while others say it is all FUD to sell product.

I don’t take security for granted, whether it be on a Mac, Windows or Linux, and neither should you.

Rather than try to court even more public opinion on the issue (as most folks are tired of hearing about it), I thought folks would be better served by aggregating some of the existing opinion for you.

IOL of New Zealand has this take on Symantec’s phishing report: IOL: Science & Tech, and Scoop Independent News (from the same fine country), had this view on the issue: Symantec Notes Threat Rise To Confidential Info.

Infoworld noted that botnets are shrinking, something that must be attributed in some part to the release of Windows XP SP2: InfoWorld: Symantec: spam, phishing grow, botnets shrink in ’04.

Small businesses are not immune either, says InformationWeek:

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