Bigger than a Breadbox

The Associated Press, along with every other news agency, was today reporting the massive intelligence failure regarding BBBs (thats BIG BAD BOMBS for everyone, like me, who is sick and fricken tired of hearing “WMD” over and over and over).

What a shocking, late breaking, scoop filled piece of news that was!

Meanwhile later today, that northeastern bastion of conservative journalism called The Boston Globe ran another story about the substance behind what the dummies did know, which makes me believe that our government leaders are either teasing-prone children who just can’t keep a secret, or they still don’t know anything.

The use of this “Agent X’ malarkey is about as idiotic a way to prevent the enemy from knowing “what we know” as saying, well its bigger than a breadbox.

The article, after noting the reasoning behind using this term to prevent “the real knowledge” from falling into the wrong hands, they go on to say how they came upon this knowledge. “We found this and that evidence in a building resembling such and such. This evidence included cultured products,” meaning, microbes in petri dishes. Lets go further…”the evidence was a VIRULENT STRAIN OF THE DISEASE.”

Now call me the world’s biggest cynic, but doesn’t all this descriptive outline point to “Agent X?” Has anyone in the US Government ever heard of this third grade concept called process of elimination? I would not be surprised if the investigators of these matters are running around Afghanistan painting huge phosphorescent X’s on the tops of all the buildings they found this secret “agent” in, so the enemies can see the structures from satellite imagery, on their laptops.

The only other possibility is, this whole report is just more of the same, scare tactics to hide gross ineptitude and overfunded budgets.

Either way, it goes to show that while the US has thought long and hard about an intelligence overhaul, nothing has or will really be done.

For a good laugh, read Al-Qaida makes surprising weapon advances.

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