Canadians Doubt the News Too

Spamroll doesn’t believe that spam is slowing, and neither do the Canadians. While there maybe some credence to the idea that they are simply ignoring it (mentioned earlier in Canadians Ignoring Spam…how dare they!), there is still some doubt regarding any trend.

CAUSE Canada shoots a lot of holes in the news, which they note has been picked up by wires all over the place, in Canadian Spam Levels Dropping? I don’t _think_ so!.

Spamroll agrees with the analysis, but you judge for yourself. Particularly interesting was the dissection of the survey and its results, which note that just because users are receiving less spam doesn’t mean there isn’t more spam in the system. In this case, we would have to give a few kudos to the anti-spam software providers (although we may already have given them our money), but that, again, doesn’t mean the problem is getting solved through stiffer legal penalties.

Note: Spamroll supports stiffer laws, when correctly implemented.

For more interesting commentary on this issue, check out Slashdot | Canadian Spam Levels – Up? Down? You Be the Judge.

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