Canadians Ignoring Spam…how dare they!

There has been a pack of yacking on how spam is slowing; unfortunately, most of it is coming with all kinds of technical reasons being put forth by anti-spam software company Vice Presidents of Business Development, with their products getting immediate credit for the declines.


Here is an alternative, if not novel, reason why spam is on the decline (although I don’t think it is)…

People are ignoring it! (see Technology –

Spamroll has previously pointed out that spam is partly a technology issue, and partly an education one. Well, our northern neighbors don’t lock their doors, nor do they seem to open stupid email.

“Finally, Canadians are becoming less willing to open spam,” says the article. Well good for them. Whether it be they don’t really care about porn and Viagra because they have already have solid sex lives, already have access to cheap pharmaceuticals (that is certain), or simply better things to do, we can learn a lot from thinking hard about this elementary example.

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