College students reject mobile spam advances

People across the technology landscape have been correct in the assumption that if people never purchaed products from spammers, there would be no economic incentive to spam. It is a solic theory, and I agree.

In what might be good news for the burgeoning mobile spam phenom (if it indeed exists), it seems the potentially hardest core users of mobile services are rejecting spammers advances.

It seems college students, arguably the most voracious consumers of SMS and other mobile services, seem to dislike being spammed. According to the survey, done at Ball State University, approximately 25% reported receiving mobile spam, while 9 in 10 said that it pissed them off. Almost 70% of those surveyed said that being spammed would make them LESS likely to purchase the spammers’ target products.

While the sample size for the survey was small (roughly 1,200), the target represented a roughly 70% active text messaging user base, and 14% for instant messaging services.

Unfortunately, roughly 1% of those surveyed as receiving spam on their mobiles reported responding to it – all a spammer needs to make a living (in fact, more than they need).

For more information, read this article from MediaPost Publications.

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