Comment spam trail not so surprising

To anyone who has received a load of comment spam on their blog, what PC World found surprising will come as, well, no surprise.

Comment spammers often drill down make a habit of banging old posts, the thought likely being that the blog authors won’t pay any attention. I suspect they also hope that posts still open for comment won’t be moderated (require approval), or that those maintaining the blog will batch approve comments. Unfortunately for comment spammers, that isn’t the way most blogs work.

For those not paying attention, the fix is easy. Close posts for comment after X days, and problem solved.

Give it up, spam kids.

Read more here: Blog Spam Leads to a Surprising Source.

Note: why PC World is surprised that a comment spam trail would lead to a wanted child pornographer, I will never understand.


PCWorld tracks spammer

New spam blog Spamroll digs up a PCWorld article on how a journalist got shocked when a comment spam ended up with a trail to a porn king wanted for child pornography.

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