Creative Juices Compete with Proper Planning

Creative endeavors, whether it be painting, writing a novel, or assembling slick website code for a new-fangled ecommerce business, have been responsible for an enormous amount of value creation. Entrepreneurs know this well – they start with an idea, build internal passion for it, extend that enthusiasm to others through communication, and then rally the troops for execution. But the need for due diligence sometimes stands in the way. How does one balance these driving forces?

I think it all comes down to division of labor, and patience. Some people are easily enthused, having a tendency to take ideas and run with them. Others possess meticulous natures – they ferret out the risk and rewards before getting engaged. This is not “Type A” versus “Type B” we are talking about here. It is not deer on the side of the road versus deer in the headlights either.

It is about cooperation.

Individuals make up teams, teams execute on ideas, and goals are achieved. If some members of the team run away with projects, while others sit studying, something inevitably gets screwed up. If the opposite occurs – indefinite digging without action – nothing gets done. Some people work well in the former environment, and some gravitate to the latter. It’s putting them together, in a timely and efficient fashion, that leads to outstanding results.

It requires each party to have empathy for the other’s case in point, and have the willingness to communicate their needs and desires regarding the pace of the project, as well as its path.

A good leader, part mediator and/or arbitrator, and part skull thumper, doesn’t hurt either.

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