DMA lobbies Congress

The Direct Marketing Association knows that spammers are hurting their business. The constant influx of spam hurts legitimate, subscribed-to marketers chances of ever getting their voice heard. So the DMA is trying some new tactics. Spamroll thinks this is a good thing.

The DMA is lobbying Congress to provide more funds to enforce CAN-SPAM. I am not sure this is going to happen, as there are bigger issues on legistlators’ plates, and laws are often passed for appearances. I don’t think CAN-SPAM is excluded entirely from the bunch, either.

If phishing attempts continue on their present path, along with the related identity fraud, and a few folks start to find solutions to the issue outside of the legal system (technology and related), I suspect Congress will start paying more attention. Legislators won’t like being “one-upped” by an upstart commerical enterprise (or otherwise), so they will make a case, again for appearances sake.

But it is a positive effort, nonetheless.

Read more here: – Lobbying Efforts.

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