Email marketing being thwarted by intelligence

Bigfoot Interactive, Jupiter Research and Forrester Research all commented recently on the effectiveness of email marketing campaigns. The views were mixed, in my opinion, and the big variable seems to be the increasing diligence of those online. Here is the summary, and Spamroll’s “scoring” of the battle…

– Bigfoot reports that its surveys say email campaigns are becoming more targeted and relevant, but that users still want ISPs to pay more attention to authentication (Marketers +1, Users +1);

– Forrester says subscription rates for email campaigns have remained unchanged for the last year or more, and that users who don’t subscribe likely won’t in the future (Marketers -1, Users +1);

– Jupiter reports that more users are deleting cookies, and at an increasing rate – this trend represents a major stumbling block to the acquisition of “market intelligence” (Marketers -1, Users +1).

The tally (not scientifically significant, but what the hell) – Marketers -1, Users +3.

The entire piece can be found here: Circulation Management : ONLINE MARKETING RESEARCH.

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