I like my Mac, and so does Linus

I am not the only one who likes my Mac. Although I still run a Dell C840 with dual boot WinXP and Fedora Core 3, the Mac has appeal in terms of portability, ease of use, and a comfortability factor I have become acccustomed to in a very short time (like three weeks).

Now Linus Torvalds is using one too.

Slashdot had this piece posted: Slashdot | Torvalds Switches to a Mac.

Interesting read, especially the comments about a “Mac not being a Mac,” without OS X, etc. etc. The jist of the commentary is that the Mac hardware is extremely well built, feature packed, compact (when in laptop form), and dollar for dollar a darn good value compared to similarly configured PCs.

I have to attest, those comments are correct. My 12 inch Powerbook has impressed the heck out of me so far. The aluminum chassis is stiff and light, and the keyboard feels much nicer (comfortable) than my PC (or my full size add-on keyboard). And with just under $2K invested (with the gig memory upgrade I added), it is roughly $500 CHEAPER than the (stripped down) relative-sized portables from Sony, Dell, and others. Yes, cheaper, and with more features than I found in others.

And did I say easy to learn, cool-on-my-lap-for-hours, and that I don’t seem to mind the smaller screen and lower resolution as compared to my suped-up Dell. And it is, well…cheaper (I am a cheapskate, so I always do a lot of price/feature comparison). Well then I just did.

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