Industry-Wide Efforts On Anti Spam Initiatives, but…

just not in America.

Spamroll has repeated mentioned the need for industry standards to fight spam, and why fighting over this or that proprietary solution is a waste of time, and won’t solve the problem when one is “chosen” anyway.

It seems the Japanese understand this.

Our friends across the Pacific have formed a joint venture amongst industry leading ISPs, mobile phone companies, and software and hardware providers. Adding mobile phone servicers to the bunch is particularly impressive (no Paris Hilton videos on our kids mobile phones, they say).

Admitting they have been lagging behind America in research and implementation of sender authorization technologies, they formed the group to find a comprehensive solution. Little do they know that while American research is one step ahead, the lack of cooperation may leave them floundering indefinitely.

Read The Japan E-Mail Anti-Abuse Group, JEAG, from RedNova, for more information.

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