I’s digs ’till I can’ts digs nomore

A couple of days ago, a close friend asked me where the “drive” comes from (I think I am lazy, but that is besides the point). Meaning, why I have so many projects on the plate, and just keep punching away, throwing continually towards the wall – seeing what sticks. Sometimes people tell me “you should just relax, read a novel, watch a little tele.” I read..rarely novels, but right now I am on Fermat’s Enigma (which, by the way, the previously mentioned friend gave to me). My TV gets turned on now and then, but usually just for background noise, and almost always tuned to Discovery Channel.

I don’t like trying to curry favor with people by kissing their behinds. If you can’t stand on your own, you might as well find a nine to five job, buy the stick and stucco in the burbs, write off any chance of catching a marlin on a flyrod, and call it a life. If you can, then the rest should just fall into place, as the ability to create value will always be in demand. Unfortunately for my anti-butt kissing credo, Mark Cuban is at it again, in The Sport of Business .

Like Paul Graham’s piece yesterday, this one hits home, and is well worth your time. To my friend who sometimes doesn’t “get” me, and all the rest who waste time reading my drivel, read Mark’s piece instead (as I couldn’t have explained it better).

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