Is Google Becoming A Central Theme in Spam Wars?

I came across this post from A Whole Lotta Nothing, which struck a familiar cord: Blogspot is hurting America. Well, I am not sure how much it is “hurting America”, but it certainly seems like it could be hurting bloggers.

Is the Blogger product really being used by spammers to game Google search results? Does Google know this is going on, and if so, are they doing anything about it? They are in the same building, aren’t they?

Seems like a simple solution could work as follows…

– Provide a notice to Blogspot subscribers that the system will be down for maintenance for several hours;

– Rip though the comment and trackback (if there is one) databases and add rel=”no follow” to every entry in there;

– Crank back up, with an announcement that rel=”no follow” will be automatically added to all HTML comments, from this point forward.

Now I could be way off base here. Maybe this is or already has been done, but if Google is serious about cleaning up the mess (and sincere about embracing rel=”no follow”), you would think this would be the case, and we wouldn’t still be hearing about these exploits.

I also wonder what MSNSpaces and other blogpoints are doing about this issue. Spamroll runs on a paid-for server with paid for software licenses, and appropriate comment/trackback spam countermeasures have been implemented. I suspect many other independent sites do the same. Why Blogger and other freely available blogpoints wouldn’t follow suit is beyond me (unless of course, the gaming benefits them in some way).

Frankly, I don’t use them, so I want to know.


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