Its one thing to try and help you loyal customers save a little money; it is quite another to provide little or no disclosure as to what else you might decide to help them with.

Spamroll found this example of “loyal listener savings club” notification at 104.7 KISS FM – Your #1 HIT Music Station!, and wondered what else this Clear Channel station might be thinking about doing with your email address.

After spending a few minutes looking around, no terms and conditions of use for this service could be found. Maybe I am not looking closely enough, or maybe its just not there, but either way, TOCs should be posted plain as day.

Folks, if you are going to use services like these, make sure you FIND and READ the fine print, before you wind up with all kinds of offers you never expected. I COULDN’T find the fine print, so I am hoping someone can do that for me.

It did get me to thinking, however, about just what might happen once you hand your email over to a multi-billion dollar enterprise. So I dug around for some stats on Clear Channel Communications, and not so surprisingly found the best information at :: How many ways has Clear Channel sucked today?. I don’t really care if this site is a rant fest – I got a quick understanding of just how far reaching CCC is – 1,200 stations in roughly 250 markets, 100 million listeners, and they carry Rush Limbaugh too (instant credibility destroyer, as far as I am concerned).

You can be certain one thing WON’T happen if Clear Channel spams you – they won’t be prosecuted.

Someone please send over the TOCs for this “service”.

Nuff said.

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