MCI upgrades Managed Email

MCI has upgraded their managed email services for business to include anti-spam and anti-virus enhancements, as well content control measures for both inbound and outbound traffic. This is likely a response to Symantec’s recent jump into the managed email space, and Spamroll will be looking for reviews from the “outside world” on both.


The addition of content control is an interesting one; something we are seeing a lot more of in the corporate realm. MCI’s enhancement is based on the MessageLabs Image Composition Analysis (ICA) technology, which uses artificial intelligence to scan the subject, body and attachments of email for pre-programmed key words. Its purpose is to prevent inappropriate, malicious and/or confidential subject matter from permeating the network.

See MCI Delivers Four-Way Protection With Anti-Spam, Anti-Virus Solution For Businesses from Rednova, for additional details.

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