Mobile Operator fined for SMS spam

Once again, the big companies are at it. But this time, they get hammered. Turns out, a mobile phone operator in Denmark sent out a bunch of SMS spam, supposedly as “a test”. With MSNBC it was a “mistake”; with these guys, “a test”. Well they got fined, as they should.

I got hit with an SMS shot from AT&T Wireless some time ago. That SMS contained a link to mLife, which once launched, stuck me with a few nickels data charge. I immediately called customer service, and after waiting for the requisite 30 minutes in the hold que, took great care in berating the operator for the scurge. I got a credit for the charge, and and an additional service credit as well (which made me think the whole thing was done with intent to begin with). It wasn’t the cost that bothered me (that was miniscule), but the way they went about it. As expected, it never happened again, likely because my customer service profile now contains a note that says “Not a sucker – do not try to scam.”

Of course, there was no way to make a public example of the issue, as in America the multi-billion dollar corporation is always right (unless it involves partially exposed women on Super Bowl Sunday, or anything remotely related to Howard Stern). But in Denmark, such is not the case.

Read Denmark fines mobile operator for SMS spam.

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