No Excuse for Public “Disclosure”

FindLaw is pushing to get to the bottom of the recent high-profile personnel firings over blogging. In Blog-Related Firings Focus on Policy, the Associated Press article jabbers on about policy for a bit, before cutting to the chase.

It’s common sense folks.

If you are employed by Google, don’t blog about Google’s internal workings. They are secretive enough – what was Mark Jen thinking? If you are a flight attendant, don’t post suggestive pictures of yourself, in uniform. If I was a fellow flight attendant, I would kick this young lady’s rear, as flight attendants deserve some respect for their sometimes torturous work schedules, and don’t need some idiot furthering the career path’s sometimes “easy” reputation.

For goodness sakes, these people deserve the canning.

I think every employer should have their HR departments’ scratch a quick memo outlining a simple set of common sense rules on blogging, then draft them into policy. If some numbskull posts nude pictures of themselves in the CEO’s office, tell them not to let the door hit them in the *ss on the way out.

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