No Love Loss for Lawyers, particularly French ones

We knew this was coming. The French get a win out of Google over the Loooeee Voooton issue (note the lack of trademark infringement here), and now the lawyers are chomping at the bit. The latest is French FUD agency AFP suing Google over Google News, reports CNN in News agency suing Google.

I like those boys in Mountain View – I just wish they would fix their algorithm so the RageRank gaming would end. And I am still on the fence about their ability to sell others tradmarks for fun and profit. But I have little interest in paying attention to anything that comes out of a socialist regime, particularly one with nuclear capability. And what I really can’t contend with is ambulance chasers, and that is exacly what AFP’s attorneys are.

Google needs to take a stand here, and simply shut those folks down. Online services simply don’t need these hassles from politicians and the legal system. Let the consumers decide, when the politicos screw up their day, to tar and feather the perpetrators for turning their internet experience into a link farm wasteland.

Yes, that type of action is a little harsh (some would say downright nutty, and totally wishful thinking). But I do believe it would teach the powers-that-be that technology has become part of daily life, and that restriction of it, contant pounding on copyright issues, and hiding behind unused patents is not getting human-kind any further down the road. Pulling the plug simply teaches them a lesson (unless their consituents hang them).

On another note, I make every attempt to steer clear of folks carrying Loooee V bags through the airport, as they are likely to bring down the mood when they start bitching at some helpless counter attendant or bag handler (too much attitude). It is nice hearing about how baggage thieves target expensive luggage too.

Get the Slashdot crowd’s opinion of this here: French News Agency Sues Google News.

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