On OS X security, I take nothing for granted

I read a post from Slashdot about Apple OS X, and thought about all the folks who just don’t get computer security, and never will. It will be a constant battle to keep their machines virus free. The problem is, security is not so hard to get.

In Mac OS X Becoming a Malware Target, several posters suggested that the original commentary from Symantec was marketing FUD, designed to get more folks who use Apples to buy their products. Meanwhile, the battle between the opt-in features of XP SP1 security continues to rage, despite the fact SP2 solves these issues.

Yes, OS X’s base security features are on by default. But that, like with any other OS, should not make Apple users complacent.

When I bought my Powerbook, I asked a colleague what virus protection they used. I was looking for a recommendation, and I got “none” for an answer. I immediately picked up Norton for Mac. It never crossed my mind that my new machine would be safe, just because it was a Mac. But it seems to cross many others’.

I don’t care what OS you use. If you don’t take at least minimal measures to secure your computers, you can and will get hit, sooner or later.

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