Politicians continue to prove their uselessness

As if there weren’t better issues to deal with, a State Senator from North Carolina has written a bill to ban solitaire from government computers. This joker says that if solitaire is banned, the state will save mucho bucks from lost productivity. The alternative premise is that if workers are unproductive, and you take away their distractions, they will simply find something else to occupy their time.

It seems an easier solution would be to perform an across the board reduction-in-force at the government agencies, and re-allocate the workload to the remaining folks. Then they wouldn’t have time to play any games. You could even give those left a 50% pay raise, and still wind up with a 25% payroll savings. But that would piss too many people off, and this “Senator” needs HIS job, don’t you know.

Read Is that a spreadsheet on your screen – or solitaire? for more on this ridiculous proposal.

I wonder how much money will be spent on lobbying, by Microsoft, to keep the solitaire?

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