Proselytizing with Spam

Brian McWilliams, author of Spam Kings, has an interesting story over at his weblog. It seems one time newsgroup spammer Roy Giles is now using spam to raise money for a purported religious organization.

I think a couple of points are going to thrwart tangible action against Mr. Giles, so Spamroll is suggesting the online community put the kibosh on it.

Straight to the point (flame me all you want):

Roy runs his cute little operation from Texas, and whatever he is up to is under cover of “the better good”. I suspect he thinks he is untouchable.

I think he should be made an example of. Some other folks have perpetrated big time frauds (guys like Bernie Ebbers of WorldCom and Richard Scrushy of HealthSouth), and then tried to hide behind their faith. This isn’t only downright disgusting, but greatly harms the image of those who are ACTUALLY doing good via their religious affiliations.

Read the whole scoop at Spam Kings Blog: Spamming for the Lord.


He definitely should be made an example of. I mean, at first I thought it was a scam. Then I thought, hey, maybe this guy actually has a ministry. Maybe he was spamming by accident? You know, some people don’t realize what they’ve done until it’s pointed out to them. I’ve seen it happen many times, and have educated many unwitting spammers. But after following the story a bit, it becomes clear he knows what he’s doing. He’s looking for means to cover up his activities. Unwitting spammers never do that. They just aren’t aware that what they do falls under the label spamming.

I gave him an earful on a blog where he actually commented. He would have failed ethics for pastors 101. There’s this rule called: “The ends justify the means”. And our professor really brought it home to us when I was in uni – that is NOT an acceptable way of doing things.

Roy Giles may think he’s doing the Lord’s work, but the way he’s going about funding it is so screwed up, it’s embarrassing to other Christians.

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