Sender ID enablement, huh?

In Solutions from PC Magazine: The Spam Stoppers, it is suggested that Sender ID actually enables spam.

I am not following, so someone please explain it to me.

Isn’t Sender ID is an authentication mechanism? If the email does not come from who it says it is from (i.e. forged), then the email is processed in an alternative fashion (discarded, flagged, returned, etc.).

So how does that enable spammers. If they can fool sender authentication, then they probably have very sophisticated forging techiques to work with. Sender ID is not aiding and abetting – it just isn’t working.

I am not for or against Sender ID per say, I’m just sitting on the fence. When I understand how originating IP addresses are going to be efficiently validated against domain information (in a logical fashion, considering our increasingly mobile, multi-device world), then maybe I will take a stand.

But what I won’t do is poo poo the idea, just for the sake of it.

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