SEO industry on a roll, and so are scrappy search engines

Silicon Valley Watcher has highlighted what many are already talking about – the gaming of search engine results for fun and profit. As I mentioned yesterday, there seems to be alot of funky search results popping up on engines all over, and I suspected this was happening on an unprecedented scale.

In the post, entitled The purity of search results challenges Google and offers an opening to rivals, SVW points out the wish that SEOs would just die. I think it is up to the search engines to kill them – there is just too much money at play for them to just walk away (hence the term “wish”).

But the article does point out a new engine for shopping services started by the former MySimon folks. claims to have a “game proof” algorithm, and seem to be taking hacking seriously, by doing it themselves and patenting the technology results. Very interesting indeed.

I think I will have to root for just because they are an obvious late-coming, underdog in the party. The confidence they present and the proactive approach (at least in theory) is deserving of, at minimum, a preliminary thumbs up.

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