Shocking Report – Windows SP1 not secure!

I am still trying to understand why the study is relevant, but the Denver Post reported on a security test of computers plugged in to the internet, by StillSecure, a Louisville, CO network security firm. The results, which I won’t quote (but you can read here: – BUSINESS), says…are you sitting down…that Windows XP with Service Pack 1 is not secure! I just fell off my chair from the shock.

The study did side by side comparisons of XP SP1 and SP2, Linux and OS X systems, plugged in over a week period to see what effects virus and zombie attacks would have on them. The up-to-date (meaning patched) OS’s recieved a relatively insignificant number of attacks, and were never infected. The SP1 install was the stand-out, with many thousands of attacks, and infection in less than 20 minutes.

Hasn’t this study been done before (like last week), with the same results? Microsoft has provided a fix for this issue folks – its called Service Pack 2 (as in the one AFTER Service Pack 1). It has been out for ages (in technology time), so quit picking the guys in Redmond to pieces folks – its old news.

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