Slashdot Slowing, Or Just Getting Stickier

While you might presume from reading Less Impact from the “Slashdot Effect”, that Slashdot is slowing down. I am not sure exactly what the deal is, but there have been plenty of suggestions as to the reason why sites are not experiencing the “Slashdot Effect” quite like they used to.

For those not in the know, the “Slashdot Effect” is the phenomenon that webmasters experience once a reference to their site is posted at Slashdot. Usually, the site experiences a huge spike in traffic after such a link is posted. This, according to Business Week’s article, has started declining.

Is this good or bad, and for whom? Quick and dirty thoughts after the jump.

If you are a webmaster counting on Slashdot to put you on the map, it is probably bad. But if you are a stressed out webmaster short on bandwidth, it probably isn’t so bad, as the Slashdot Effect has been blamed for countless service denials and system crashes.

If you are Slashdot, well who knows. Maybe VA Software’s masterpiece is starting to slow a bit, or maybe the site is just getting stickier. If the latter is the case, it is good news for VA. Time to monetize that puppy.

If the site is slowing, it might not be bad news though. Slashdot has often been viewed as a rant-fest. Maybe the trollers have gone back to work, so the site can finally get back to its very informative, space for bright technologists, roots.

I am curious what others out there think.

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