Spammers CAN-SPAM excuse canned

Aunty Spam posted this quick and dirty analysis of why spammers can’t hide behind CAN-SPAM and pursue ISPs for blocking their email: CAN-SPAM Allows ISPs to Filter Email – Reported by Aunty Spam’s Net Patrol. Nice work.

Spammers are chasing ISPs because that is where the money trail ends. If an ISP uses Linux serves, and has Sendmail/SpamAssassin running, the dirty little spam-muffin can’t really sue the software company, as that stuff is open source. As the combination takes care of clear majority of the traffic out there, spammers turn to those who installed it.

Good thing our court system has this little concept called “precedence” imbedded in its thinking. A couple of quick decisions by some standup judges will stop this whining, and shut one more door on spam.

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