Speaking of Slashdot…here’s a business model

Social networking software has been all the rage since Business 2.0 magazine called it the technology of the year, more than a year ago. Since then several service providers have come and gone, and the rest have struggled with the business model. Many have tried subscriptions, ad sales, and miscellaneous charges for “premium” service, only to watch users head for the hills. Now a new idea has come out of one of them, LinkedIn.

In Techdirt:LinkedIn Links To A Business Model, it seems the company has turned to recruiting. In what is described as a Craigslist type listing model, LinkedIn has decided to continue offering some service gratis, while charging for job postings.

CNET News has more on this in LinkedIn to introduce fees | CNET News.com.

You know who should really be doing this….

Why not VA Software?

They run Slashdot, Sourceforge, NewsForge, freshmeat, Linux.com, and several others through their Open Source Technology Group. Yes, they have TechJobs, but they run it through HotJobs. The recruiting model gets little emphasis, but VA’s group of sites likely gets more traffic from qualified technical persons than the rest of the technology related sites combined. Maybe that’s pushing it a little, but at last glance, Sourceforge alone had more than a million registered users.

A million users – writing software for the fun of it! And usually doing a darn good job to boot. Plus, all the folks posting their days away at Slashdot, scraping code snippets from freshmeat, etc. etc., and it seems like a heck of a captive audience to point job postings to.

Anyway, there’s the thought.

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