The iPod could pale in comparison

I’ve heard an awful lot of analyst (and Dell executives) talk about how Apple is a one hit wonder with the iPod. While I have gotten a little more biased after my month on a Powerbook, I still couldn’t take the mindset of the fanatics, and had to continually lean towards the pundits. That notion gained even more strength after I saw the Mac Mini, and thought it overpriced and useless. Now I am beginning to wonder.

The custom automobile industry is big business, and has huge following which started with some very spendthrift, Honda Civic-owning types. Now there is customization going on all over the place – it has become mainstream. And if you want to sell a product, I mean really SELL a product, you have to hit the mainstream. I wouldn’t be surprised if the Mac Mini does just that.

There was some chatter about how the Mini was interestingly so close in size to standard US car audio dashspace. While the implementation at this link (TunerTricks � Blog Archive � GTi – MacMini) utilizes a lot more than this space, it is a heck of an effort, and I suspect we will soon see more of this.

This is how trends start folks, with one innovator, then two, then a little publicity from someone big (with something to gain). If it is featured even once on MTV’s Pimp My Ride, I say game over.

For more comments on the project, you can check out the sometimes useful and funny commentary at Slashdot here: Slashdot | Mac mini in a Volkswagen.

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