The State of Technology, Education, and/or Journalism

The Guardian covers a story about how students fair poorer in testing when they have access to computers to assist them in their studies. I end up getting the frank report from a technology blog. I don’t know which is worse, the computers in the classrooms, the calculators used to do the statistics for the study, or the journalist who buried the facts behind the policy flip flopping, at the bottom of the story.

In Pupils ‘do worse with computers’, a study notes that the students do worse when equiped with computers. This study contradicts results gleened from the same data, some time ago. The piece points out the source of the data near the end, and glosses over anything behind that data.

So I check out my daily technology news, one source of which is the ever poignant TechDirt, and end up getting the scoop (see How Computers Make Your Stupid… Or How Stats Are Used To Mislead?).

I guess I will just drop the mainstream news, and read more “dirt.” It seems more informative, and frankly, I love the sarcasm.

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