There are spam blogs, and then there are SPAM BLOGS#*$@&!

Adrants posted this quicky (see Adrants: Weblogs Are The New Spam) regarding a report by Dave Sifry of Technorati, pointing out blogs as the latest spam culprit. They used the term “horrifically depressing” right at the front of the post, for additional FUD factoring.

Thank goodness Dave responded, to clarify matters.

Upon investigation of Dave’s report, Sifry’s Alerts: State of The Blogosphere, March 2005, Part 1: Growth of Blogs, I thought I would point out a few things.

Dave never says that spam blogs (fake blogs set up to increase Google PageRank) account for all the growth in blogs. In fact, he emphasizes the fact that the growth charts shown have spam blog data REMOVED from them (although he qualifies by saying Technorati can’t catch everything, and to please report anything you find). Nonetheless, this shows that Technorati has gone to some length to make sure the data from their index is accurate. It further shows they are aware of the problem, and are on top of the issue.

Nice to know some people actually do something about issues before yacking about them.

Meanwhile, the spam blog issue might just reflect the fact that the legitimate blogging community is making good use of implementations such as rel=”nofollow”, and that the spammers are being forced elsewhere.

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