University Sells Addresses, Then Blocks the Spam

Read between the lines (paragraph 2 and paragraph 4, that is), and you might catch the privacy issue (I mean idiocy) of this story ( – Dating site: UT improperly blocked e-mails).

So, it seems (at least LonghornSingles claims) that the University of Texas SOLD the email addresses of staff and students to LonghornSingles, and then proceeded to block the messages they sent.

I’d be pissed off too. But LonghornSingles shouldn’t be the only ones.

UT sells the names, and then prevents messages from the buyer from entering their system. Hmm. That sounds like a darn good way to make some extra cash. Not.

I am not sure if UT planned this little trick, or sold the information and later realized it wasn’t such a good idea, but either way, someone should get canned. If I was a UT staff or student member, I would be raising bloody hell.

What that fine educational institution doesn’t realize is that those email address may leak into “the open”. Furthermore, aren’t there some privacy provisions that staff and students are legally entitled to? Maybe the administration at UT spends too much time in cattle pastures searching for mushrooms, or maybe they actually have the right to sell those addresses. Either way, every staff and student on that campus should get a Yahoo account and then steadfastly refuse to communicate via UT’s dirty little system.

They cut off UT’s cheap trick for putting extra coin in their pockets, AND get a date!

That is, if LonghornSingles is claiming correctly.

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