Vonage Versus The World

Everyone is paying very close attention to Vonage nowadays. If some ISP isn’t flat out blocking the service (see Vonage Says ISP Blocked Its Calls), someone is pissing and moaning at the latest outage (see Vonage Internet phone service suffers outage – 03/07/05).

That tells me that Vonage is positioned to kick everyone’s behind, and “everyone” is worried.

Unless you are a die hard reader of Broadband Reports, you probably don’t hear about all the speedy ISPs crashing and burning on a daily basis. Even the big guys, like Road Runner and Comcast, suffer daily trials and tribulations – the difference is, nobody pays much attention.

No, I don’t read Broadband Reports every hour on the hour. But, I do know this:

On the same day Vonage suffered this outage, I lost my Comcast connection for an entire working day. Calls to Comcast High-Speed were met with a fast-busy until after 5pm. I went down to the local java hut to check my email, and decided to see what was up. The Comcast subscriber site noted major outages in the Washington, D.C. metro area, resulting from system upgrades earlier that morning. Well, I am in Denver, and the service was for crap. At roughly 5:30pm, I got a rep on the line, who explained to me that there were no outages in my area. Bull! My second call was a little more informative. A rep asked me what kind of modem I had – when I told him the brand, he then asked if it was a PC2100. I said yep. He then explained that Comcast was having a lot of trouble with those modems, post-network maintenance, and that the problem should be fixed soon.

Now, the point of the matter is, why wasn’t there some big press release about Comcast’s issues, while the Vonage outage was front page news.

Maybe because someone is worried about the competition Jeff Citron and his little crew of bandwidth bandits are brewing up.

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