Wardriving continued

Spamroll noted a while back about how important it was to keep your wireless hubs safe from spammers hell bent on using it for their own means (see Danger Danger – Wireless SPAM hackers ARE on the loose).

This issue is not going away on its own. If you have wireless access at your residence, lock it down.

I was over at a friend’s house for dinner last night. This person has this lovely iBook G4 sitting next to their TV, which acts as a gloried DVD player (I was impressed, however, that they used Monster Cables for the patch out). But they complained that they didn’t use it more because broadband access just wasn’t in the budget.

I asked if I could tool with it for a moment. They give the ok. Within a minute, we were surfing the net on not one, but three access points, from the sofa. Carry the slab to the window, and two more pop up, both unsecure. The iBook owner was flabbergasted at my hacking skills – I was unsurprised by the number of unsecure access points. My suggestion – find the strongest signal, knock on the doors of the adjacent apartments, put two and two together and ask them to lock their access point down, provide the key, and offer a few bucks a month to use it.

Meanwhile, I had thoughts of spam boiler rooms running through my head.

Check out this post from Slashdot for a little more discussion on this issue: Growth of Wi-Fi Opens New Path for Thieves.

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