Why bother with bots?

Tech Target has an interesting article on social engineering, and the Slashdot crew posed the question: “Why bother with bots?”

Infosecurity Europe’s conference director set out to see how much information they could gather from folks off the street, and found out it is easier than sitting through a bad rendition of King Lear.

When confronted with the notion of giving up their name, birth date, street address, and mother’s maiden name in exchange for a chance to win theatre tickets, Claire Sellick (the ISE conference director) found that almost all targets would readily cough up their information.

Remember those dumpster diving teens from the movie Hackers? Well this just goes to show they could have done it in style, and not had to take a bath afterwards either.

You can read the original article on the social engineering “experiment” here: Security no match for theater lovers. The Slashdot opinion barrage on the matter can be found here: ID Theft Made Easy.

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