1/5th of new zombies are Chinese – the rest are…

Well who the heck knows, but I suspect they are American. I see zombies walking around every morning. In to Starbucks they go, and when they come out, they are live humans again. Unfortunately for me, I got the “zombie” part all mixed up (and did it while sounding moronic to boot).

We are talking about zombied computers here. Zombies are machines that have been infected with malicious code, and are now spewing code of their own, sending out spam, or just pinging the ports of every computer they can find and sending the information someplace else.

And according to the latest less-than-brilliant report, one in five zombies are from China. OK.

According to a study by CipherTrust, purveyors of IronMail, more than 20% of new zombies originate in China. I say, so what.

It is just a convenient way to avoid telling everyone that the Western world is lazy, and that is why we have so much spam. The US still leads the world in spam (and thinks CAN-SPAM is the answer), and the British assume it is somebody elses problem.

The report might have been better put 80% of new zombies originate in the US and UK, but that would not have been politically correct now, would it have?

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