All spam comes from China…not!

Like I was saying yesterday, the Chinese are about to crack down further on spam. Up until this morning, Americans probably thought that was a great thing, since their next door neighbor told them all spam comes from China.

My next door neighbors are silly little bumkins – how ’bout yours?

Sophos has released their latest report on the origins of spam, which you can peruse compliments of the Canadian newswire here. Contrary to what your beer drinking, pizza munching, couch potato know-it-all friend next door thinks, the US is still responsible for the bulk of the world’s spam.

I have found a correlation between this report and the US internet user. Americans are not “saavy” enough to understand all overly technical terms that circulate along with internet usage (see ‘Geek speak’ confuses net users). That lack of understanding (or just sheer stupidity and laziness) results in enough zombied Windows machines to keep every blacklist on the planet in check.

This is unfortunate for the stupid set, too worried about impressing their friends with the latest addition to their garages (which forces them to work three jobs to pay the fifth mortgage on their overpriced stick and stucco homes). If they weren’t, they might have a few minutes to read a computer manual or two, download ZoneAlarm (for free) along with an anti-virus/spyware removal package, and get rid of all the nasties that make the US-owned home computer another cog in the world’s great spam proxy network.

Good deal for the anti-spam software purveyors though. Along with being lured into $60 tank fillups for those Cadillac Escalades with the dumb-assed wheels on them, Americans can continue to purchase tons of extra software to stop a problem they cause in the first place.

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